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Perin 150

Category: Scales

Sub Category: Scales: PERIN

Perin 150


Non programmable scale.


It can be used on:

  • Pull-type mixers
  • Self propelled mixers
  • Stationary mixers

Main operating and technical features.

  • Economic weight indicator for partial and total weighing.
  • Very easy to install and to use.
  • Weight display: 4 digits, red LED on black screen (digits 25 mm high).
  • Very good visibility even in poor light conditions.
  • Function keys en the frontal panel.
  • Key to block the weight value.
  • Weight display in Kg or in pounds.
  • Switching, calibration, tare and battery test by means of keys.
  • MIL type connectors for power supply and load cells.
  • Compact ABS box.
  • Power supply 12 Volts 0,3 Amp.
  • Working temperature: - 10ºC / +40ºC.
  • Kgs and Lbs
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