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Grupo Tatoma is an exemplary company, with state-of-the-art technology in the fields in which it develops its business, and with a sustainable and future growth prospective.

Our Products:

Our pull-type TMR mixers, both vertical and horizontal, are the most economical solution for mixing and distributing the ration to your livestock, for small to medium size herds. The number of cattle, the characteristics of your facilities and the PTO hp of your tractor, are elements to take into account when choosing the type and size of your mixer.

Our self-propelled mixers provide a great autonomy to the farmer, since they can move and mix wherever is needed. Also, they can load the product by themselves, being able to do without other machinery or labor. They are more compact than a set of a tractor and a pull-type mixer. They have greater maneuverability, being able to reach places that are not easily accessible to other machines.

Our straw choppers are specially designed for each type of farm, assuring the best bed of chopped straw for your animals. We have different models of choppers, depending on the type of straw and the amount of bales to be processed per day. Tatoma straw choppers can also process wet silage. They can be used to stockpile ration in a commodity barn.

Stationary mixers are the best solution for large confined herds or herds in pasture, as well as for commercial use. All components and equipment are custom designed to meet the needs of your farm. The distribution will be carried out later by using other distribution equipment, such as distributor hoppers or delivery trucks. The main advantage of using a stationary process compared to a pull-type mixer is the shrink reduction, being less than 1%. Other advantages are the reduction of the cost of mixing, the consistency in the homogeneity of the mix and the reduction of the time preparing it.

The main goal when feeding cattle is to deliver every day the same food, with the same amount of nutrients and characteristics prescribed by the nutritionist. With the TATOMA automated mixing system it is possible to assure feeding the cattle with almost a 100% of accuracy. Your cattle will be fed receiving the same homogeneous fresh ration with the same color and fiber size. The main benefit will be the reduction of the up and downs when producing milk. Other are the reduced cost per pound to produce the mixing, the homogeneity of the final product and the reduced time per batch. The system can be modified in order to adapt it to the cicle of the cows, adjusting the ingredients with a great accuraccy.

Is a transmission system, used on the trailered vertical feed mixers, that allows to modify the rotational speed of the augers manually, and, as well, by detecting the pressure/weight of the mixing product inside the tub.

Many configurations available, fully programmable, less expensive than other brands, equally functional.

Fidmix is a modular and multiplatform application that allows the complete management of a farm's feeding process. This application is adapted by the user according to his needs. Contact for more information