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Mod. MVT-E

Category: Stationary Mixers

Sub Category: Stationary Vertical Mixer / Three augers (MVT-E series)

Mod. MVT-E


Vertical stationary mixer with three augers. Available in 1059 cu.ft., 1236 cu.ft., 1413 cu.ft., and 1589 cu.ft. Customized to the customer needs.


Triple auger stationary vertical mixer:

  • The tub and the auger are built in ST52 steel
  • 4 weighing cells of Ø2 1/8" / Ø 54mm.
  • Programmable scales (20 servings, 20 ingredients)
  • Mixer motor 400 / 690V 50Hz (NOT INCLUDED see power)
  • Transmission with reduction by pulleys and belts
  • Hydraulic belt and gate drive
  • Hydraulic unit 7.5 CV 220 / 380V 50Hz with distributors (OPTIONAL)
  • Electrical cabinet (with electronic starter or frequency inverter) ADDITIONAL INFORMATION

The stationary mixers, in order to protect the electric motor, are suggested to be mounted with one of the following systems:

  • Electronic starter: This system allows a soft start, regulating the voltage and therefore the motor torque, incorporating motor protection. It's the ideal solution for low load or no load starts.

  • Variable flow control: This system controls the speed of the motor, keeping the motor torque constant, incorporating motor protection. It's the ideal solution when starting with heavy loads or with a full load in the tub. It allows the motor speed to be varied below or above the nominal speed, it controls the current absorbed by the network with great precision, adapts the mixer speed to the working conditions and optimizes electricity consumption, generating significant savings, especially if the motor is not working at 100% of its capacity.

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