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Mod. MT-D

Category: Pull-Type Mixers

Sub Category: Horizontal Mixers (MT and MT-D series)

Mod. MT-D


The standard model includes:

  • Horizontal mixer with one auger and bolted blades.
  • Serial beaters system located on the opposite to the unloading door
  • PTO shaft connect tractor with a multiplicator and the planetary
  • Robust machine, high quality materials minimal maintenance.
  • Manual front jack in MT 7, MT10 and MT13
  • Hydraulic front jack in MT-16
  • Hand brake
  • Controls through Hydraulic distributor and flex cables.
  • Simple ladder
  • Programmable scales
  • Hydraulic system independent from the tractor
  • Unloading conveyor 930 mm/37 inches, in carbon steel

The SILO KIT includes:

  • Diameter 690 mm/27”
  • Width 1500 mm/59”
  • Hydraulic motor
  • Silo cutter lowering speed controlled by a pressure regulator
  • Silo cutter lowering system with 2 hydraulic cylinders
  • Hydraulic back door
  • Control by cable


Horizontal mixer / With silo cutter / Side discharge door / Available capacities: 247, 353, 459, and 565 cu.ft.

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Mod.Cod.MT-7-D 2007-21MT-10-D 2010-21MT-13-D 2013-21MT-16-D 2016-21
Capacity247 ft37 m3353 ft310 m3459 ft313 m3565 ft316 m3
Tractor Req.60 HP45 Kw75 HP56 Kw85 HP63 Kw100 HP75 Kw
Front JackManualManualManualHydraulic
ControlsHydraulic Dist + FlexHydraulic Dist + FlexHydraulic Dist + FlexHydraulic Dist + Flex
Unloading TypeSide discharge with conveyorSide discharge with conveyorSide discharge with conveyorSide discharge with conveyor
Transimision System
Planetary1,000 Kgs1,000 Kgs1,380 Kgs2,300 Kgs
  • 540rpm
  • 540rpm
  • 540rpm
  • 540rpm
244 in620 cm
266 in676 cm
287 in729 cm
303 in770 cm
77 in196 cm
181 in460 cm
89 in226 cm
93 in236 cm
94 in239 cm
102 in259 cm
110 in279 cm
118 in300 cm
Empty Weight
8818 lbs3999 kgs
10582 lbs4799 kgs
11023 lbs4999 kgs
13889 lbs6299 kgs
Tires12.5/80R15.312.5/80R15.313.5/75 430385/65R22.5
Num. of Axles1111

Product Composition