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Hydroshift system

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Hydroshift system


Is a transmission system, used on the trailered vertical feed mixers, that allows to modify the rotational speed of the augers manually, and, as well, by detecting the pressure/weight of the mixing product inside the tub.


The advantages of the system are the following:

  • It controls the mixing process in a continuous and automatically;
  • The speed of the augers is adjusted depending on the ingredients loaded;
  • It improves the homogeneity of the mix, without using expertise labor;
  • The bale retainers work automatically;
  • Fast and complete unloading, using the unloading mode;
  • The system adapts to the tractor’s horsepower;
  • The speed of the augers allows to cut the fiber rapidly;
  • Allows to work low volume loads;
  • It optimizes the time of use of the mixer;
  • It is posible to program any rotational speed of the augers, from 0 to 55 rpm:
  • It allows to start the tractor progressively, with the mixer is full loaded;
  • It is posible to program a máximum power, in order to use the mixer with any tractor.
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