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EM350 / EM650

Category: Straw Choppers

Sub Category: Small Straw chopper (EM350 and EM650 series)

EM350 / EM650


Pulled-type straw chopper, with one or two rollers, accepts round and square bales.


The standard model includes:

  • Trailered straw chopper
  • Heavy duty turbine plate Ø1600 mm / Ø63" with 8 reinforced and bolted paddles, easy to replace
  • High resistance bottom chain Ø12 mm / 0.5" with crossbars, easy to replace
  • Bottom moving floor driven by an hydraulic motor
  • Double bottom plate with stone collector
  • Folding rear door with 2 hydraulic cylinders
  • Controlled with hydraulic distributor and flex controls
  • 2 speed gearbox
  • Unloading through side chute
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Mod.Cod.EM-350 2000-10350-20EM-650 2000-10650-20EM-650 D 2000-10650-30
Capacity106 ft33 m3212 ft36 m3212 ft36 m3
Tractor Req.85 HP63 Kw95 HP71 Kw100 HP75 Kw
Front JackManualManualManual
ControlsHydraulic Dist + FlexHydraulic Dist + FlexHydraulic Dist + Flex
Unloading TypeSideSideSide
Transimision System
Two Speed GearboxStandardStandardStandard
  • 540 rpm
  • 540 rpm
  • 540 rpm
155 in394 cm
222 in564 cm
222 in564 cm
96 in244 cm
96 in244 cm
96 in244 cm
102 in259 cm
102 in259 cm
102 in259 cm
Empty Weight
5842 lbs2649 kgs
6279 lbs2848 kgs
6724 lbs3049 kgs

Product Composition