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EM1500 / EM2000

Category: Straw Choppers

Sub Category: Large Straw Chopper (EM1500 and EM2000 series)

EM1500 / EM2000


High capacity pulled-type straw chopper, with three rollers, accepts round and square bales.


The standard model includes:

  • Trailered straw chopper
  • Heavy duty turbine plate Ø1800 mm/Ø71" with 8 reinforced bolted paddles, easy to replace
  • High resistance flat chain (100 mm / 4") x 12 crossbars, easy to disassemble
  • Bottom mobile floor driven by an hydraulic motor with pressure gauge
  • Double bottom plate with stone collector
  • Rear door opens horizontally with hinges
  • Hydraulic front jack
  • Controlled with hydraulic distributor and flex controls
  • 2 speed gearbox with manual control
  • Hydraulic and manual brakes
  • Unloading through side chute
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Mod.Cod.EM-1500 2000-11500-40EM-2000 2000-12000-40
Capacity530 ft315 m3706 ft320 m3
Tractor Req.125 HP93 Kw150 HP112 Kw
Front JackHydraulicHydraulic
ControlsHydraulic Dist + FlexHydraulic Dist + Flex
Unloading TypeSideSide
Transimision System
Two Speed GearboxStandardStandard
  • 540 rpm
  • 540 rpm
284 in721 cm
371 in942 cm
100 in254 cm
96 in244 cm
130 in330 cm
131 in333 cm
Empty Weight
10934 lbs4959 kgs
12830 lbs5819 kgs

Product Composition