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Category: Compost turner


Turning volume up to 24,750 cu.ft. per hour. 9.8 feet turning width. Requires a 80 hp tractor.


General characteristics

  • Easy and low cost maintenance;
  • Wear plates made of HARDOX 450 (except TR2000);
  • Fast aerobic composting, between 8-12 weeks, depending on the material.

Basic equipment

  • Tunnel made of steel plates, with direct drive on the turning shaft;
  • Lighting system;
  • Front hitch by a ring type coupling;
  • Change to transport position through hydraulics;
  • Fuse bolt in the PTO.

Optional equipment

  • Irrigation system through a water pump, spray bars and 1000 liter water tank;
  • Ball hitch K80 or Python.
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