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The SILO CUTTER KIT is an implement that allows you to load certain ingredients quickly, chopping the ingredient at the same time that it is loaded, and reducing the mixing batch time. With a high horsepower hydraulic motor, it allows the silo to be cut in such a way as to avoid its deterioration, and subsequent loss. It is a perfect complement to an exceptional machine.

The standard model includes:

  • Horizontal mixer with one auger and bolted blades.
  • Serial beaters system located on the opposite to the unloading door
  • PTO shaft connect tractor with a multiplicator and the planetary
  • Robust machine, high quality materials minimal maintenance.
  • Manual front jack in MT 7, MT10 and MT13
  • Hydraulic front jack in MT-16
  • Hand brake
  • Controls through Hydraulic distributor and flex cables.
  • Simple ladder
  • Programmable scales
  • Hydraulic system independent from the tractor
  • Unloading conveyor 930 mm / 37 inches, in carbon steel

The SILO KIT includes:

  • Diameter 690 mm / 27”
  • Width 1500 mm / 59”
  • Hydraulic motor
  • Silo cutter lowering speed controlled by a pressure regulator
  • Silo cutter lowering system with 2 hydraulic cylinders
  • Hydraulic back door
  • Control by cable
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