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The vertical mixer is based on a frustoconical tube and one, two or three vertical conical augers that allow to chop and mix any product.

Mixing is carried out by the effect of the multiple serrated blades of the auger, which cut the product while it moves upwards and falls again by gravity by the sides.

The design of our vertical mixer has evolved to achieve a geometry of both the tub and the auger/augers that ensures an efficient and fast mixing.

The wide range of unloading possibilities of this type of mixer is one of its great advantages, since it can be adapted to any installation.

Other advantages:

– Independent chassis on towed models
– Compact design
– Easy drive
– Quick mix
– Simple maintenance

We classify by sizes:

– Vertical mixers with ONE auger, ranging from 141 to 494 cubic feet in capacity;
– Vertical mixers with TWO augers, ranging from 600 to 1,059 cubic feet in capacity;
– Vertical mixers with THREE augers, ranging from 1059 to 1,589 cubic feet in capacity.