1. Mod. EM

The chopping system of the EM model has a roller with blades, and the loading of the product is regulated by a system that avoids jams at the entrance of the turbine, allowing the chopping and subsequent distribution of both straw and silo. This model is used for the distribution of straw for bedding and silo for food.

Our straw choppers are designed compact and robust, in a way they guarantee great durability.

All models are equipped with a rectangular box at the bottom of which there is a system of a chain with crossbars, that brings the bale closer to the chopping system at an adjustable speed.

All models have two speeds that determine the scope of the downloading.

Other advantages:

– Maximum use of the chopped product.
– Very low operating cost.
– Fast and reliable download.
– Homogeneous distribution.
– Economic.

According to the box size:

– Mod. EM-350, with 106 cubic feet capacity
– Mod. EM-650, with 212 cubic feet capacity
– Mod. EM-1500, with 530 cubic feet capacity
– Mod. EM-2000, with 706 cubic feet capacity


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