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Tatoma designs custom stationary power plants using its range of mixers and other components.

Stationary plants with a horizontal auger mixer are based on the MT mixing system, consisting of a central axis on which two emptied spirals, which go from the ends to the center of the axis.

This system ensures a movement of the product both longitudinally and transversely, while avoiding excessive compression of the ingredients, achieving a spongy and homogeneous mixture.

Beaters located on one of the interior walls of the tube perform a circular movement that guarantees better product circulation.


– Continuous speed of the auger
– Less crushing of the product
– Less fiber destruction
– Low maintenance level
– Fast and homogeneous mixing

Capacities from 247 to 883 cubic feet.

Stationary mixers powered by an electric motor can be mounted in two different ways with:

– Electronic starter
– Variable frequency drive, or the acronym VFD


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