Our horizontal mixers have a mixing and chopping system that has evolved over the years, achieving today an optimal performance.

Basically, the operation consists of a central axis on which two empty spirals are mounted, they go from the ends to the center of the axis. This mixing system ensures a movement of the product both longitudinally and crosswise, while avoiding excessive compression of the ingredients, achieving a spongy and homogeneous mixture.

The auger has beaters located on one of the inner walls of the tube, that perform a circular movement, guaranteeing better product circulation.

This system ensures greater homogeneity of the mix, more regular chopping and less mixing time. In turn, the machine’s working concept reduces the risk of breakage due to the absence of moving and traction mechanical elements, since the auger moves through a the direct transmission from the tractor.

Other advantages:

– Long useful life
– Simple work concept
– Reduced height
– Minimum power required
– Low maintenance cost

The main advantage of our horizontal mixer is that it achieves a good mix with any quantity of product, without the need for a minimum filling level.